Contact Eric to with any questions or to register for photography workshops.

2014 workshop schedule
· Smokies Spring Wildflowers and Streams – April 14-17 - $450
· St. Augustine Alligator Farm – April 27-29 - $350
· Jekyll Island and Okefenokee – April 30-May 3 - $450
· Smokies Rhododendron and Azaleas – June 20-22 - $350
· Smokies Mt. LeConte – August 12-14 (overnight hike - limit 1 person) - $400 including food and lodging
· Golf Photography at the PGA Tour Championship - September 17 (tentative) - $75
· Smokies Fall Color – October 27-30 - $450
· Smokies Cataloochee Valley – November 1-3 (elk rut) - $350

All workshops have a limit of 5 photographers except as noted.
The basic format for three workshops is:
· Day 1 – meet at 3:00 PM for a short orientation then head out for a sunset shoot
· Day 2 – full day in the field
· Final Day – Sunrise shoot with a half day in the field

The basic format for the 4 day workshops is:
· Day 1 – meet at 3:00 PM for a short orientation then head out for an afternoon/sunset shoot
· Day 2 – full day in the field
· Day 3 – full day in the field
· Final Day – Sunrise shoot with a half day in the field

Instruction is provided primarily in the field for all workshops. The exact format will depend on logistics for the location. In a great location, you want to be in the field in the right locations for excellent images. Instruction is provided based on individual needs ranging from camera settings and using the camera, equipment, and advanced techniques and composition.

Workshops are somewhat dependent on the weather and conditions. While we can’t control the weather, there are always alternate locations and contingent plans to take advantage of the weather and interests of the group.

Pricing is $350 per person for the three day workshops and $450 per person for the four day workshops. For details, send an email to

Private Instruction, Guide Service, and Private Workshops

Eric provides private workshops, guide service and custom trips in the Smokies and along the Georgia coast. Contact him to discuss specific needs.

My private workshops are a bit different in that there is a limit of 4 students per workshop. I like working one-on-one but I understand the draw of having a couple of friends taking the workshop as well, it makes it cheaper for everyone AND it's a lot of fun!


1 person = $200 half-day / $350 full-day
2 people = $250 half-day / $450 full-day ($125/$225 per person!)
3 people = $300 half-day / $540 full-day ($100/$180 per person!)
4 people = $340 half-day / $600 full-day ($85/$150 per person!) <--The best deal!!

HOW IT WORKS: For landscape individual workshops, we'll meet around an hour or so before sunrise at a predetermined location. The half-day will end after lunch (usually 1 PM or so) and the full-day will end up to an hour after sunset depending on the light. I take the lead on locations/times and work with you to develop a custom itinerary. Your input is critical. It's your workshop. If there is somewhere you'd like to be at a certain time, we'll make it happen! As far as instruction goes, every workshop is different. I normally have my camera with me to shoot and show particular concepts/ideas, but your photography is the priority. I stand next to you, look through your viewfinder, answer questions, review images with you and talk about anything and everything! Workshops are a lot of fun for everyone involved.
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